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Crafting Confidence in Music
8 months ago 1 Comment

The most famous artist Frank R. Wilson said, “ confident performance is not a fluke, but the product of the imaginative and consistent synthesis of technical and emotional work”. Musicians…

6 Ways for Musicians to Minimize Tension
8 months ago no Comment

Regardless of whether we make music as experts, understudies or novices, we endeavor to make transcendent experience for our audience members and ourselves. Sometimes, however, our enthusiasm for music causes…

Grofey; The best job online portal for the Artists
8 months ago no Comment

There are so many online job portals out there in the market, which helps you to submit a job application in your favorite company. Whether you want to become the…

8 months ago no Comment

One of the most important thing of your portfolio is your bio and that must be attractive. Although you have a great melody and you know how to play a…

8 months ago no Comment

It’s one thing to have affection and energy for music. It’s another to be an artist professionally. Due to the idea of the music business, most artists these days take…

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