Concerning Us

Dear user Grofey created an artist’s job portal which provides real-time artists and musician database on worldwide web, gives you the professional space on the web to showcase your talent to potential employers. Additionally Grofey will provide you the chance to differentiate yourself from other musicians. Grofey help both Employers and Artists to find simple search in this job portal.Grofey is a network for professional artists built and planned to grow based on their needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to jump on the band wagon from the begining. As you know Membership gives you the ability to apply for a breakthrough on both Grofey Page and external websites that our special team find on the web every day for you:Upload Audio, Video, and Sheet Music files to your profile as well as define a more complete resume and ceate page with media content.

Our Mission

If you are an Event organizer, Party planner, Music Industry, Celebrity, Talent hunt company, wedding organizer, Studio company, Singer, Dancer, Artist, Vocalist, Music instrument player, DJ, Writer, Lyricist etc, then this is your one stop portal for all your requirements. Those who want to explore their talent Grofey portal help to find right candidate for right place. All fresher and talented candidates can explore themselves here. It will also help employers to find good candidate for their events and concerts and give better opportunity of Talent Hunt.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is employeers find the artist for their events and concerts country-wise, state-wise and location-wise. It will also help music industry and celebirty to find and give chance to freshers and talented artist, to provide them better opportunities and help them to succeed in their career. On the other hand, Artists will also share their extraordinary talent by uploading Audio, Video and Sheet Music, etc.. at the click of mouse.

Our Vision

Our vision is provide more opportunities to extraordinary talent, belonging to small or big towns and unable to explore themselves. On the flipside employers also, to find such talents and to help them explore their talent and help achieve their career aspirations. Grofey is a common platform to bring the Employers and various artists together to fulfill their requirements.